About us

The Zukunftsinstitut is a reputable partner for individuals and organisations who want to understand and shape the future. It observes, organises, inspires and supports active future-making.

Since being founded in 1998 by Matthias Horx it is shaping trend and future research, just as much as public thinking on future matters. The Zukunftsinstitut offers orientation in questions concerning economic and social development. Focussing therein on the Megatrends, one of the most successful models of future work internationally.

As a reliable partner, the Zukunftsinstitut transfers exclusive trend and research results into concrete measures, concepts and decisions. The consulting for strategic and operative future questions is based on these findings. In combination with a diverse network of experts, outlooks on industries, marketplaces, individual companies and complex future issues are provided.

Mission of the Zukunftsinstitut

The Zukunftsinstitut sets out to observe and describe the pattern of the societal and economic change in order to enable derivations for individual and organisational decision making.

Goals of the Zukunftsinstituts

The Zukunftsinstitut intends to open up new rooms of possibility and increase society’s future competence, so as to further the positive development of people and organisations.

Principles of the Zukunftsinstitut

Future is a room of creation. A courageous and critical while optimistic attitude as well as cohesive and systemic thinking constitute a fundament for working successfully with the future.


Offer of the Zukunftsinstitut

The Zukunftsinstitut offers a lot of opportunities in the areas of research, development, experience, publishing and digital. Work with us on your future!

Megatrends EN

The Megatrends

Avalanches captured in slow motion - as Megatrends in their dynamic are slowly moving, but of enormous strength, this describes Megatrends quite fitting. They influence all spheres of society as well as companies, institutions, and individuals.

The Megatrend Map

The Megatrend Map

The change of society and economy at a glance: The Megatrend Map of the Institute for the Future provides you with an overview of the 12 megatrends, their subtrends and overlaps.