Marc Aden Gray

Marc Aden Gray brings a global journey with him to us and his keynotes. He began his professional life in childhood as an actor, and continued that work through New York and Hollywood, most notably playing a role in The Matrix.

Marc has transformed his professional life, taking the power of the skills he developed as an actor and adapted them for the business area. He now is a global ‘MIT’, Messenger- Inspirer- Trainer, playing in the arena of Leadership, Storytelling, Presentation and Self-Development. Marc’s core work is about helping people to step into their role, come alive and activate their ‘fiercest’ self in all that they do.

Vorträge von Marc Aden Gray

How do we change our habitual response system in Moments of Truth? What does it mean to “make the best of it” at this point in time?

Carving a powerful path forward during crises requires personal evolution. Covid-19, like any external event, represents a vital opportunity to change on a behavioural level. We will explore a process for sustainable, tangible behavioural change that serves as a model for leadership and a path to rewards on both a human and business scale.

Topics: Storytelling, Pitching, Communication

Why should we ever hire a consultant for presentation training, when there are so many valuable tips and tricks online?
Good question. In this talk, Marc Aden Gray takes the audience beyond just the basic techniques of story and explores the process of making all communication come to life- whether it be a pitch, a boardroom presentation, a talk at a global summit or just a 1-on-1 conversation. He offers insight into why this ‘life’ in story is the key factor in generating higher levels of buy-in from customers- both actual customers and “internals” (employees) as well.

Topics: Leadership, Human Behaviour, Transformation

Marc Aden Gray introduces the concept of Fierceness, a model for the kind of human behaviour that is essential for transformation.
He offers 5 States of Fierceness in an interactive presentation that challenges the audience by getting participants to ask new questions around their daily responses in their professional lives. Calling on his background as a professional actor, Marc gives his vision for how to step into the role we’re playing with maximum life, passion and effectiveness.

Topics: Growth & Change, Leadership, Communication

How does the human being change? What are the inner workings? What is the growth cycle operating under the surface of individuals, teams and whole organizations? Marc Aden Gray leads us through a specific version of the Hero’s Journey, one that is the driver behind powerful communication, human transformation and the essence of leadership. Taking a storytelling structure that has been around in some form for 30,000 years, Marc shows a modern audience how to use it to not only communicate a story of growth and change, but also to live it.


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