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At the Zukunftsinstitut, we utilise our long-standing experience in trend and future research, our knowledge gained from working with organisations, as well as our empirical methods and digital tools, to help you optimise your future.

For a successful future, it requires the mindset, knowledge and expertise, and tools to observe and shape the future. Our holistic and systemic offering covers all these facets of the future, making them accessible and usable for you.

We are your partner for a successful future and support your organisation with ...

  • RESEARCH: Observe the future with us!
    Empirical Trend Analyses · Commissioned Studies · Trend Monitoring · Individual Megatrend Map
  • DEVELOPMENT: Make your organisation future-ready!
    Future Organisation · Future Persona · Future Room · Corporate Megatrend Day
  • EXPERIENCE: Let the future inspire you!
    Speaker · Future Simulations · Megatrend Days
  • PUBLISHING: Read what the future is all about!
    Studies · Reports · Lifestyles · Workbooks & Guides · Megatrend Documentation
  • DIGITAL: Experience a scalable future!
    Future Circle · Megatrend World

Observe the future! Create the future!

Depending on how you want to approach the future, what challenges your organisation faces and what you need for your future work, we have the right offerings for you.

  • OBSERVE: The future reveals itself in signals, patterns, and connections that we can observe and interpret today with effective formats, methods, and tools. Our offerings allow you to monitor the trends in your organisation's environment so that you can identify and capitalise on potentials early on.

  • CREATE: Our offerings make you an active shaper of your future. We support you in developing your organisation, aligning it with the future, and setting the strategic milestones for its success tomorrow.

Work with us on your future!

Visit our shop or contact us directly. Our team will be happy to advise you and explore together which of our offerings will be the most effective for your organisation.

About us

About the Zukunftsinstitut

The Zukunftsinstitut is the renown partner to understand and create future. We observe, categorise, inspire and support people and companies to develope.

Megatrends EN

The Megatrends

Avalanches captured in slow motion - as Megatrends in their dynamic are slowly moving, but of enormous strength, this describes Megatrends quite fitting. They influence all spheres of society as well as companies, institutions, and individuals.

The Megatrend Map

The Megatrend Map

The change of society and economy at a glance: The Megatrend Map of the Institute for the Future provides you with an overview of the 12 megatrends, their subtrends and overlaps.